Guitarist & Songwriter

James Harrah is an American guitar player and songwriter. He began his career in the early 1980s as the guitar player for Rickie Lee Jones on her tour following the album “The Magazine. Shortly after that he signed on to Madonna’s “Virgin Tour” and then the “Who’s that girl” tour two years later.  His first album “Words Fail Me” was released in 2009 and his second release “Light Years Away” is due out this spring. James has been a part of the music scene for four decades contributing his unique sound to a diverse array of artists such as Jane Child, Herbie Hancock, Melissa Etheridge, Andrae Crouch, Al Jarreau, Leonard Cohen, Jewel and Ziggy Marley. 

A man who dons many hats, James has also worked on numerous films, tv shows, commercials and Broadway musicals. His work can be heard on the films, “Dinner for Schmucks”,  “The Guilt Trip” and TV shows,
“Friends” and “Supernatural”. Most recently James’ writing and playing credits can be found on the new Huey Lewis and the News album also due out this spring.

James gives credit to his roots. His mother Allegra was an opera singer who passed on her love and passion for music to her 8 children. They learned to harmonize from very young ages and put it in to practice in their fathers church. Guitar came to him very naturally after that and he had no shortage of people to accompany.

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